Nano-Coating Services


XTI offers custom licensing and integration services to worldwide consumer-product companies, to provide XTI CERTIFIED (all products will pass SGS Non-Toxic and Anti-Germs tests) Anti-Germ functions for all types of consumer products, including toys, consumer-electronics, kitchen and dining ware, fashion and sportswear,...at minimum cost.

XTI provides a proprietary Non-Toxic Application / Manufacturing Process (RoHS Directive compliance) that can be integrated into an existing production-line, with an exclusive capability to be applied onto all types of surfaces, including plastics, fabrics, ceramic, steel and paper, etc.;

    Product Categories:

  • Toys
  • Fabrics (sportswear, under-wear, surgeon/nurse outfit)
  • Furniture
  • Hospital Surgical tools
  • Interior Artificial Plant/Flower
  • Cargo Container/Trailer
  • Exteriors of Building/aircraft/vehicle/boat
  • Anti-fog side mirror/road mirror
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