Nano-Coating Services


XTI offers ACTIVE-SHIELDTM Services for public spaces, commercial and residential properties, providing the longest lasting deodorization, air purification and superior germ killing protection for interior surfaces with greater than 99.999% efficiency (SGS-test result on protected surface).

XTI believes Nano Protective Coating will become a global standard for all future buildings, as it is a GREEN technology that is greatly needed to protect building inhabitants and residents.

In meeting the global market demand, XTI plans to rapidly make available ACTIVE-SHIELDTM Services via a Regional Service Franchise Network, where each Certified Franchisee can work as a Service-Provider and a regional Sales agent for XTI Nano Products.

    ACTIVE-SHIELDTM Service Cost Overview:

  • Service pricing range from US$300 and up;
  • Averaged billing will be over US$500.
  • Sales-Commission 10% (Franchisee can collect this commission if job-order is self-generated)

    ACTIVE-SHIELDTM's global applications:

  • Transportation (Train/Bus/Car/Airplane/Boat)
  • Public/Business Areas (School/Gymnasium/Office/Shop/Hotel/Library/Washrooms)
  • Living Spaces (Living/Kitchen/Bathrooms)
  • Consumer Electronics (Phone/Keyboard/Mouse)
  • Amusement/Leisure (Cinema/Theatre/Recreation Center/Spa-Sauna)
  • Medical (Hospital/Clinic/Operation Room)

Service Categories:

    Independent Contractor

  • Ideal for self-employment or family start-up business, a scalable business plan that can grow with market demand and operator's capabilities;
  • Franchisee can operate as an independent contractor to offer and perform residential and light-commercial services in set regions, and perform company-generated orders;
  • No criminal records and in good physical health to perform moderate labour tasks;
  • Must have no less than US$20,000 in ready-funding (US$10,000 for start-up equipment, training and XTI license, plus, min of US$10,000 for regional marketing and operations);

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    Commercial Contractor

  • Ideal for building industry professionals and companies (non-exclusive);
  • Franchisee can operate as commercial contractor to offer and perform residential and large-commercial services in set regions, and to perform company-generated orders;
  • Good business rating (BBB) and sufficient staffing;
  • Must have minimum of US$30,000 in ready-funding (for start-up equipment, training and XTI license, plus, additional funding for regional marketing and operations);

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