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Industrial Applications


Statics indicates many of our daily used electronic products such as MICE, KEYBOARDS and PHONES (mobile/office-landline) have 150 times more germs than a toilet cover. XTI Nano Coating can provide the most powerful anti-germ protections to many consumer products. XTI protected products can provide anti-germ functions without light, performance can be further enhanced by light. Anti-germ functions should be a standard on all future consumer products.

Product manufactures can license and add the XTI Coating System to its production process, or, XTI can provide OEM service to apply Nano Coating onto existing products. Current TiO2 product-bonding method requires high-heat baking process (660-degree and up to 24 hours); XTI's exclusive binder-less and sintering-coating-less, LOW-TEMPERATURE coating method greatly shortens curing-time which translates to much higher production output and lower application time but is still able to provide 10x stronger bonding than conventional high-heat bonding. (Japan's top toilet maker guarantees their TiO2 coating with up to 7 rubbings, where XTI is tested to work pass over 100 rubbings)

XTI Product Coating Technology Benefits:

1. Flexible Materials - XTI Nano Coating can be applied onto many different material types that current 'high-heat processes' simply cannot (such as plastics, fabrics, etc.), including:

 a. Plastic / Rubber / Fibre-Glass (TOYS, remote controls, games, phones, laptops, etc.);
 b. Fabric (face-mask, clothing, curtains, packaging, etc.);
 c. Stone / Concrete (table-tops, walls and ceiling, tiles, etc.)
 d. Ceramics (tiles, China, dishes, bathroom fixtures, etc.),
 e. Steel / Stainless-Steel / Aluminum (counter-tops, kitchen fixtures, wall-panels, etc.;)
 f. Paper (wall-paper, curtains, divider, etc.)

2. Ultra Fast Processing - up to 1000x faster curing-time over current 'high-heat curing' process, the XTI Nano Coating curing time range from 3 minutes to max of 20 minutes - compared to high-heat methods that require up to 24 hours or longer; ultra fast curing time means much higher production output and lower unit cost.

3. Low Cost Streamline Production Process - The EXI application process can be seamlessly integrated into existing production lines where the fast application speed can deliver quick results with a low unit cost.


Consumer Electronic Products - mobile phones, laptops, mice, remote controls, handheld devices: Games / GPS / MP3, commercial arcade game councils, keyboards, refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum-cleaners, etc.);

Fashion apparel products - clothing, under-garments, sports-wear, commercial fabrics, hand-bags, etc;

Building materials - air ducts, pipes (water, cable), wood-panels, filters (air, water), water-tanks, etc;

Ceramics - tiles, toilets/urinals, sinks, bath-tubs, etc;

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