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X.TiO2 Inc. ("XTI"), a nanotechnology developer and global distributor of advanced photocatalyst coatings introduces ACTIVE-SHIELDTM - a revolutionary and environmentally friendly transparent interior coating for public spaces, commercial and residential buildings, that provides the LONGEST LASTING and MOST POWERFUL deodorization, air purification and germ-killing protection delivering a greater than 99.999% efficiency (SGS-test result on protected surfaces: face mask/fabric, mouse/keyboard, ceramic tiles...), even under zero-light conditions.

Germs, bacteria, and viruses spread via air and skin contact in high traffic and confined spaces. The best defence is to use a preventive measure to stop or minimize infections through 'anti-germ contact surfaces'.

Titanium-Dioxide-Nano-Silver(TiO2Ag) liquid can kill over 650 different kinds of germs by breaking down bacteria cells and DESTROYING them while causing no harm to human body cells. It is a proven, powerful germ killer SAFE for the human body (FDA stated: "TiO2Ag(nano-silver) can be used in various products because of its excellent benefits").

TiO2 is powder in its natural state requiring an artificial bonding agent (binder) or sintering coating to make it cling to a surface. When light(UV) hits it, the TiO2 particle is energized to "eat" up its binder causing both to fall off the surface. This is why over 95% of current TiO2 coatings don't work or are ineffective.

The ACTIVE-SHIELDTM 'liquid TiO2Ag' utilizes XTI's world-exclusive Active-Nucleus Nano-Particle Technology bonding agent that supercharges each nano-silver(Ag)-particle with TiO2(Titanium-Dioxide)-coating, forming highly 'REACTIVE' TiO2Ag-particles with unique 'sparkling' silver-blue color (normally dark-grey). The particle density coverage per square-foot IS OVER 5 billion since each individual TiO2Ag-particle's average diameter size is smaller than 5nm (bacteria's diameter size: 50-500nm / competitors up to 150nm). The smaller the particle, the larger the aggregated surface area allowing for greater absorption efficiency.

With 150 times greater odor-absorption capacity than Active-Charcoal and the ability to regenerate by light(UV), ACTIVE-SHIELDTM is an invisible protective nano-coating that can be applied onto a variety of surfaces under low temperatures without artificial binders or secondary sintering-coatings. XTI is the only known TiO2Ag(Titanium-Dioxide-Silver) with nearly 100% efficiency in real world applications (SGS-tested with proven germ-killing power of 99.999% on applied surfaces).

The ACTIVE-SHIELDTM provides the longest lasting and most powerful multi-dimensional protection:

1. Anti-Germ Contact-Surfaces - walls, windows, ceiling, doors, table-tops...

2. Air Purification and

3. Deordorization - the ADVANCED OXIDATION PROCESS (TiO2+UV) captures and kills germs, deodorizes and purifies air, eliminates air pollutants such as bacteria and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds: formaldehyde, ammonia and many other common contaminates released by building materials and household cleaners).

    ACTIVE-SHIELDTM's global applications:
  • Transportation (Train/Bus/Car/Airplane)
  • Public/Business (Office/Shop/School/Transit Stations/Air ducts/Public Washrooms)
  • Living Spaces (Kitchen/Bathrooms)
  • Consumer Electronics (Phone/Keyboard/Mouse)

In addition to the Industrial Coating Services for building developers and the related industry, XTI also offers a Regional Commercial Application Franchise for the worldwide market, providing self-employment and creating local job opportunities. Contact info@xtio2.com for more information.


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