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Facemask Series

  • Disposable Facemask

  • Re-usable Designer-Fashion Facemask

DISPOSABLE Type Facemasks:

    3 Product Types:
  • DAY (TiO2)
  • DAY & NIGHT (TiO2Ag)

Medical-grade Day and Night anti-bacteria (99.999%/SGS tested), premium quality disposable mask. Exclusive Nano Silver compound assures and prolongs bacteria and virus fighting under low light or zero light condition greatly extending usage period (SGS tested on the fabric).

Three-layer non-woven PP construction:

Outer layer: Non-woven (Melt-Blown) PP fabric for better moisture proof (anti-moisture) function, integrated XTI germ-killing technologies (TiO2 or TiO2Ag);

Middle layer: Treated with world's most powerful bacteria killing XTiO2Ag for perfect anti-germ trapping and perishing.

Inner layer: Anti-allergic non-woven fabric for comfortable face contact and breathing.

Available in 2 exclusive XTI formulas:

    DAY 16 HRS (TiO2: Titanium-Dioxide Anti-Germ fabric)
  • Recommended for daytime usage
  • Available in 3 colors: White, Light-Blue and Light-Pink
    DAY and NIGHT 24 HRS (TiO2Ag: Titanium-Dioxide-Nano-Silver Anti-Germ fabric)
  • Recommended for daytime and night-time usage
  • Available in 2 colors: Grey, Black

Product Series:  Disposable Facemask  |  Re-usable Designer Fashion Facemask

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