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X.TiO2 Inc. (XTI) introduces XTITM ACTIVE-NANO FACEMASK - the world's first Self-Regenerating Germicidal TiO2Ag facemask based on XTI's revolutionary Active-Nucleus Nano-Particle Technology, with greater than 99.999% germ killing power under zero light conditions (SGS-tested result on the actual facemask) and with self-regeneration capability by light.

The facemask can provide effective protection as first hand defense against air-transmitted germs, bacteria and viruses that are a growing global threat especially in densely populated public areas such as schools, airplanes, and public transit.

Facemask usage exceeding the valid period (typically below 8 hours) is a very common mistake. It can become more harmful than beneficial - due to accumulative trapping of germs and bacteria buildup during the filtration process.

There is a dire need for a longer lasting germicidal facemask that provides truly effective protection by killing trapped germs under zero light conditions; however current facemasks can't provide such function.

  • The most common non-woven and medical type facemasks (made famous during the SARS breakout) are simply "air filters" without an active germ killing function;
  • The Activated-Charcoal filter facemask can't filtrate microbiologic substance at all, and with limited absorption capacity, can become a carrier of germs;
  • The latest bio facemasks use Copper(Cu) and Zinc(Zn): both ingredients can be toxic and harmful to the human body with excess exposure;
  • Top Japanese TiO2-facemasks CAN'T perform germ killing function under zero light conditions (indoors);

With 150 times greater odor-absorption capacity than Active-Charcoal and regeneration capability by light, the multi-tier XTI ACTIVE-NANO FACEMASK has over 1.5 billion X.TiO2Ag (Titanium-Dioxide-Silver) nano-particles designed to kill over 650 different kinds of germs under zero light conditions with strong penetration power by breaking into bacteria cells destroying germs while causing no harm to human body cells.

Ag is a powerful germ killer that is non-toxic (RoHS-Directives compliance) and SAFE for the human body. "Ag can be used in various products because of its excellent benefits". - FDA -


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