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Vision Statement

XTI is founded with a mission to harvest and apply the vast potential benefits offered by the Photocatalysis technology, where XTI envision such technology will be seamlessly integrated into all aspects of our lives, as a standard protective coating incorporated into many aspects of our future:

  • a new Building-Integrated Green technology and a new standard for future buildings;
  • a standard protective anti-germ coating on varieties of consumer products and transportation interiors;
  • cosmetics and medical applications

XTI invented and commercialized its world-exclusive "ACTIVE-NUCLEUS NANO-PARTICLE TECHNOLOGY" - a critical core technology to realize the full functionality and effectiveness of Photocatalysis far surpassing current TiO2 products, where XTI holds a unique global market leadership position with its ACTIVE-SHIELDTM Liquid Photocatalyst solutions, including the X.TiO2 (Titanium-Dioxide) and X.TiO2Ag (Nano-Silver-Ion-Titanium-Dioxide) - XTI is the only TiO2 company with documented proof of 99.999% anti-germ effectiveness on applied-surfaces (others can only provide test report on raw solutions but not result on applied surfaces).

The limitless application potentials of the XTI photocatalyst technology translates to unlimited global business and job opportunities with priceless health and financial benefits to the people and society.

The XTI ACTIVE-SHIELDTM is the 21st Century Green technology for the people.

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