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The XTI technologies and products are world-exclusive, XTI is the world's only supplier of XTI Active-Nano products and services.

XTI is accepting worldwide distributorship to make XTI products and supply more locally accessible, please contact info@xtio2.com with your business intent and company introduction, our business team will contact you shortly.

Available Distributorship categories includes:


Medical-Grade Anti-Germ Facemask for medical and general day and night applications;
Re-Usable Fashion Facemask products for daily usage.


The key liquid ingredient for ACTIVE-SHIELDTM nano-coating (on products and building interior surface applications).


XTI offers ACTIVE-SHIELDTM Services for public spaces, commercial and residential properties, providing the longest lasting deodorization, air purification and superior germ killing protection for interior surfaces with greater than 99.999% efficiency (SGS-test result on protected surface). In meeting the global market demand, XTI plan to rapidly make available ACTIVE-SHIELDTM Services via XTI Regional Service Franchise Network, where each Certified Franchisee can work as a Service-Provider and a regional Sales agent.


XTI offer custom licensing and integration services to worldwide consumer-product companies, to provide XTI ACTIVE-SHEILDTM CERTIFIED* Anti-Germs functions to all types of consumer products, including toys, consumer-electronics, kitchen and dining ware, fashion and sportswear... at minimum cost. (* - Ingredients used will pass SGS Non-Toxic and Anti-Germs tests for each batch)

XTI provides a proprietary Non-Toxic Application / Manufacturing Process (RoHS Directive compliance) that can be integrated into an existing production-line, with an exclusive capability to be applied onto all types of surfaces, including plastics, fabrics, ceramic, steel and paper, etc.;

  • Sterilization
  • Deodorization
  • Air-Purification
  • Self-cleaning
  • Toys
  • Fabrics(sportswear, surgeon/nurse outfit)
  • Furniture, Kitchen, Bathroom, Curtain, Carpet, etc.
  • Hospital Surgical tools(Catheter, etc)
  • Interior Artificial Plant/Flower
  • Cargo Container/Trailer/refrigerated showcase, etc.
  • Exteriors of Building/aircraft/vehicle/boat
  • Anti-fog side mirror/road mirror/Tunnel lighting and wall, traffic signs, etc.
  • Air Conditioner filters.
  • Vehicle exteriors


XTI is a privately-held company since founding where XTI has absorbed risk-capital with own funding. XTI has reached full market-readiness (2007) with matured manufacturing technology and current production capacity of 5 metric-tonnes of supply per month (2009).

XTI plan to develop regional plants to produce X.TiO2 Liquid TiO2 and TiO2Ag Photocatalyst Supply, and Product Integration Plant for each key market regions (EU / North America / , to provide customization and localized integration services meeting regional market demand.

XTI welcomes VC and individual investors with same vision as XTI to help make available the vast benefits offered by the extraordinary XTI technology, Products and Services to be shared by the world. XTI welcomes investment for REGIONAL PLANT development (in co-operation with local government grant and funding support).

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