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Jobs: Global Sales Agents Wanted

Your mission: Commissioned to help kill all germs around us for Cleaner, Safer and Healthier Life Environment on earth, and earn your guaranteed 15% compensation from ORDERS and introduced and/or generated by you.

Diversity and flexible borderless applications of the XTI services and products can benefit many types of businesses and people, even including your work own work space. In fact, it is in our best interest to ensure such preventive protections in our work and living space before the start of the next flu season that never seem to end.

XTI will pay a 15% AGENT FEE for your introduction leading to executed orders, a recurring payment on each XTI Products and Service orders generated by you.

This can be a part-time hobby but it can be a dedicated full-time adventure that can be financially rewarding as your own full-time business, given the XTI ACTIVE-SHEILDTM services is an exclusive new service that is needed and can be applied in almost every type of public places, schools, commercial buildings, retail business places and homes.

Further, once experienced the ACTIVE-SHIELD difference with fresher air with less allergens and odour, customer will subscribe to the XTI Seasonal Plan which is a recurring revenue source for each generated client.

Best of all, you will be doing your community a much needed service that will be good for the people.

If you wish to accept this mission, please take the following steps:

1) Read through XTI website info and learn our business (Business, Products, Services);

2) Sign up as a XTI Registered Agent to obtain your agent number and package;

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