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ACTIVE-SHIELDTM Nano-Coating Services

(Sterilization/Deodorization/Air-Purification for commercial and residential-buildings)

ACTIVE-SHIELD TM protective nano-coating can be used on a variety of interior, equipment and consumer-product surfaces, forming a layer of invisible protective film, providing powerful built-in anti-germ, deodorizing and air purification function.

Recommended Substrates: walls, ceilings, wallpaper, flooring, carpets, curtains, tile, fluorescent lights, air conditioning / air pipes and household appliances.

Recommended Places:
  • Public Transportations (MRT / train / bus / in car / taxi / plane air-conditioned cabin and seats)
  • Public & Business Premises (office / shop / hotel / coffee shop / airport / station / subway station / school / public toilets)
  • Living & Office Spaces (bedroom / living room / kitchen / bathroom / elevator)
  • Consumer Electronics (Phone/Keyboard/Mouse)
  • Amusement/Leisure (Cinema/Theatre/Recreation Center/Spa-Sauna)
  • Medical (Hospital/Clinic/Operation Room/etc.)


ACTIVE-SHIELDTM Licensing for OEM / ODM / OBM manufacturing Industry: to produce and offer ANTI-GERM PRODUCTS, with effective 'built-in' anti-bacterial, deodorizing, air purification functions, including:

  • Electronics (phone / keyboard / mouse / phone / laptop / game)
  • Building Materials (Central Air Conditioning System / Air Duct / water cable ducts / stone / cement / wood, steel, aluminum / glass / curtain / carpet)



XTI ACTIVE-NANO TM Facemask product line activity of Chennai masks - the world's strongest bactericidal activity of nano masks, combined with nanocrystalline silver ions and double titanium dioxide photocatalyst sterilization mechanism, or no light in the bright environment can play a powerful bactericidal and deodorizing, air purification function. Antimicrobial testing and certification by SGS International is a non-toxic harmless to humans and more than 99.999% of the bactericidal effect, for the present time, the shortest, most of the photocatalytic bactericidal masks, far exceeding many times the market effect.

XTI ACTIVE-NANO TM ANTI-GERM FACEMASK: the world's most powerful anti-germ facemask with greater than 99.999% germ-killing power and the longest effective wearing-time (SGS Anti-Bacteria test results with on XTI facemask fabric: Escherichia coli (E-Coli) ATCC 8739, Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 6538, Etc).

XTI Facemask Technologies:

1) DAY 16 Hrs (TiO2 - Titanium Dioxide Photocatalyst) ideal for day-time usage under good lighting conditions;

2) DAY & Night 24 hrs (TiO2Ag - Nano Silver Ion Titanium Dioxide Photocatalyst) may be used under zero-light conditions;

XTI ACTIVE-NANO Facemask Series:

1) Disposables (high-quality medical-grade antibacterial disposable masks, including: Patented 3D-medical-grade facemask, available in white, pink, blue, green and grey)

2) Re-Usable Fashion Facemasks (a two-stage, two-tier, multi-layer filtration design, comfortable and durable, can be washed repeatedly. Available in a wide variety of fashion prints and fabric choices)

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