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  • Corporate: X.TiO2 INC. (XTI) is a U.S. Delaware incorporated Nano Technology Company, with global sales offices in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Prague, Munich, London, Hong Kong and Taipei.
  • History: Founded in 2003, XTI Nano science team dedicated over 8 years in the commercialization and deployment of the Active-Nano Technology, successfully reached full commercial readiness in 2008 with current monthly production capacity of 5 metric-tonnes of Liquid Nano solutions. XTI is the global master licensor and the world's only supplier of the X.TiO2 (titanium-dioxide) and X.TiO2Ag (titanium-dioxide-nano-silver) series of liquid solutions, a revolutionary photocatalyst based on XTI's proprietary Active-Nucleus-Nano-Particle Technology.
  • "X" Definition: X.TIO2 (XTI) is a meaningful brand name founded on the light-wave caused by the light refraction of the X.TiO2 liquid photocatalyst solution, a unique product signature.
  • Proprietary Technologies: XTI is the world exclusive Master-Licensor and Distributor of XTI's proprietary "ACTIVE-NUCLEUSTM Nano-Particle Technology" - the core technology of XTI's liquid Titanium dioxide and nano silver ion Titanium dioxide formula solutions;
  • 3-Dimensional Protective System: We need better protection to stand up against stronger types of contact-transmitted germs, bacteria and viruses that are a global threat. The ACTIVE-SHIELDTM Protective Nano Coating, plus wearing effective Anti-Germ Facemask (such as the XTI Active-Nano Facemask), can provide the most effective multi-tier protections to self and family.
  • Non-Toxic Manufacturing: XTI uses Non-Toxic Manufacturing (RoHS Directive compliance) for its liquid solutions, each batch of supply must pass SGS non-toxicity and germ-killing test prior to delivery, for best quality assurance;
  • Non-Toxic Application Process: XTI developed its proprietary Non-Toxic Automated Ultra-Fast Coating Process for all types of surfaces, products and materials;
  • Custom Order: for volume customer, XTI can custom produce;


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